Ryanair terms and conditions

Organisation of luggage

Prepare your luggage before boarding. Certain products must be placed in the baggage hold or will have to be left at airport security. 
What you may take on board :

When boarding, you may carry hand luggage within the following dimensions: length x width x height = 55x40x20cm wheels and handles included, weighing 10 kg maximum. In your hand luggage, you may take laptop computers, video cameras, cameras and film.

At airport security, in addition to your hand luggage, place your jacket, coat and the content of your pockets on the trays provided in order to save time and avoid having to pass back and forth through the metal detector.

What should be placed in your checked luggage:

All sharp or blunt objects including nail scissors, steel nail files, pocket knives, etc. must be placed in your checked luggage. If you place these items in your hand luggage, they will not pass airport security, and you will have to leave them at the airport.

Any liquids cream, paste or gel for cosmetic, food and medical purpose aerosol  (max 100ml) are permitted in the cabin in a clear bag (25cm x25), but tear gas must be checked. The same applies to hunting or sport weapons weighing up to 5 kg ( not allowed on Rtyanair flights) which must be well wrapped, and must be reported at boarding.

The weight of checked luggage varies by airline and class. As a general rule, it must not exceed 20 kg in economic class, 30 kg in business class and 15 kg on charter flights.

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Please remember :
Here are a few simple rules to protect yourself and your possessions :  
  • Do not accept any parcel or luggage from another person for any reason.

  • Never leave your luggage unattended, even for a short time (it could be considered suspicious and destroyed).

  • Clearly mark your first name, last name and address on a label on the outside of each piece of luggage. 

  • Do not put valuables in checked luggage.

  • Keep any medicines and prescriptions on your person during the flight.

  • Carefully wrap any fragile items.

  • Inform airport personnel of any abandoned parcel or luggage.

Prohibited articles 

Prohibited articles in the cabin


All weapons of war, and all defence, sporting, carnival, hunting, historic or collectors’ weapons, even those not requiring a license are prohibited (starter’s pistols, flare guns, stunning pistols, rifles with rubber bullets and all ammunition). 


Bladed weapons

All sharp or pointed objects that may be a threat to public safety such as bayonets, sabres, swords, daggers, switchblades, etc. and any object considered a defensive weapon are prohibited.


Blunt objects

These include: clubs, baseball bats, cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, martial arts weapons, and sticks that can be used as batons. These also include blunt work tools such as sledgehammers, hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, etc.


Dangerous substances and materials

hese are explosive substances (firecrackers, fireworks, detonators, ammunition, etc.), inflammable materials (gasoline, paint, etc.), dangerous chemicals and gasses. 

Imitations weapons

Any object resembling a lethal weapon such as toy weapons or grenades.

Articles prohibited in the hold

Dangerous substances and materials

These are explosive substances (firecrackers, fireworks, detonators, ammunition, etc.), flammable materials (gasoline, paint, etc.), dangerous chemicals, and gasses and weapons of self-defence projecting irritating, stinging or tear gas. Any devices equipped with Lithium batteries are forbidden into the hold.