Carcassonne Airport  offers its passengers three car parks and many spaces at competitive rates, including  spaces for disabled persons on car park P1 (discounted rates available at the information desk upon presentation of invalidity card).
The first 15 minutes of P1 parking are free, allowing passengers and baggage to be placed near the terminal. For all subscriptions, please contact Airport Information Counter 0820 67 34 11  0.17€TTC/Min
  • Exceeding one minute hourly or daily range involves a change in the top.

  • The parking fees collected are only demurrage. The Airport disclaims any liability in case of flight delay or cancellation.

  • Parking in front of the terminal building using the service way is strictly forbiden. To drop off or collect passengers please use public car parks (15min free on P1).

  • Airport disclaims any liability in case of damage, theft or accident.

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The airport also offers 3 Car parks:
  • P1: Short term passenger drop off or collect
  • P2: Medium stay for a few days trip
  • P3: Long stay for a week or more
Warning : Since September 2017, the airport now have  two arrivals areas :
  • ARRIVAL 1 : inside the main terminal building for business and private flights,
  • ARRIVAL 2 : located between car park P1 and P2 for commercial flights.
Rates Car Park P1 

Rates Car Park P2:

Rates Car Park P3: